Talked To The Kings Bay – Crystal River Rotary Yesterday

Great group/ Fun meeting!  This was there “take away”:

The first meeting of the new year was a busy one! In addition to a tasty meal, we were privileged to have a forward-looking speaker, Author Max Schulman. He told us of his life in the Air Force and career that saw him, as a Colonel, working in Panama in an effort to help that nation make the most of the resources turned over to them as we closed bases and turned over the Panama Canal. His inspiration for one of the development projects came from Seaside – the West Coast of Florida town where he had observed the rebuilding of that coast from a quaint beach area to the modern ecotourism destination it is now.

His message is: We can do it here, too!

Max’s book, Finding the Treasures of the Trails, depicts the 3 geographically diverse habitats of Citrus County, its many trails and bike paths. The emphasis is “we need to grow an eco-tourism infrastructure” if Citrus County is to maintain the great lifestyle we enjoy here, today.

Buy Max’s book and learn how to get involved. Excellent thoughts and information Max; many thanks!


Published by:

Max Schulman

Retired AF Aviator and Intelligence Officer, hiking enthusiast as well as hobby cyclist and kayaker. Active on environmental and community issues, a member of the Florida Trail Association, Rails to Trails of the Withlacoochee, and Nature Coast Ramblers. See more at: Public Profile

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